Adaptive Software Development

One of many AgileProcesses
"Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems"

by JimHighsmith

ISBN 0932633404

An approach to lightweight, fast software development building on adaptive, complex systems theory, with many of the same recommendations that Kent and I have been advocating.

Jim saying similar things is interesting to me, because he is writing from several decades of project management experience, belongs to the 'old guard', if you will, and has formed the studied opinion that CapabilityMaturityModel has gone off-track for most projects (he says, more or less, "If we're up in the space shuttle, I'd like to know that the builder was CMM level 5, but if we're inside Netscape or Microsoft watching a CMM level 5 group try to compete on browsers, I'll just laugh."). His recommendations: Stay just barely out of chaos, exert just less control than the least you think you need. -- AlistairCockburn (happy to find a like-minded soul in SLC)

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