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Patterns for groups TransitioningToExtremeProgramming. You've bought into the concept of ExtremeProgramming. You know what all the main practices are (if not, go to ExtremeProgrammingCorePractices), but you're having trouble getting your organization to adopt certain of the practices, or you're just not sure where to start in the first place. This page is for you.

This page lists patterns and ProtoPatterns for AdoptingXp. It does not list patterns for adopting practices that are AlmostExtremeProgramming, although these may or may not be worthwhile practices (e.g. CustomerShadowing).

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Note: Items marked below with an asterisk (*) are ProtoPatterns (currently most are, but hopefully this will improve soon). Promote a ProtoPattern to a Pattern when it has been shown to have been UsedThreeTimes.

How do we ...

Or, how to go about ExtremeProgrammingInEnemyTerritory.

From the XpMailingList poll "What are the top 3 practices you find difficult to put in practice at your work place? (Please, check only 3. Thanks!)":

 On-Site Customer         56    20.44%  ********************
 Pair Programming         45    16.42%  ****************
 Planning Game            32    11.68%  ************
 Metaphor                 31    11.31%  ***********
 Testing                  23     8.39%  ********
 40-Hour Week             18     6.57%  *******
 Collective Ownership     17     6.20%  ******
 Continuous Integration   15     5.47%  *****
 Simple Design            15     5.47%  *****
 Refactoring              12     4.38%  ****
 Coding Standards          5     1.82%  **
 Small Releases            5     1.82%  **

(There's some discussion at Does anyone have a reference for the original discussion when the poll was announced. It's _hard_ searching 70,000 messages!)

See AdoptingXpPatternLanguageDiscussion

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