Alex Popiel

I code. I code in CeeLanguage and JavaLanguage and PostscriptLanguage? and many others, too. I detest languages (like CeePlusPlus) which encourage overloading what appear to be cheap primitives with very expensive operations.

After reading ProgrammingIsMoreThanCoding, I would like to say that I am not just a coder. I actually enjoy design more than I enjoy the mechanics of coding. Having said that, I also will say that I am a LanguageLawyer, ala Brooks' MythicalManMonth... although lately I've been acting as a team lead responsible for delegating designs to other coders, too. There's just not enough time in the day for me to be a LoneRanger.

I'm more inclined to DesignByContract than XP. That's probably due to my background in computational theory and compilers.

I live near Seattle.

I semi-organize weekly movie viewings at one of a set of local (eastside) theaters, each Monday night around 7:00. As a result, I've started contributing to MoviesToAvoidAtAllCosts. If you're near Kirkland, and are interested in seeing a selection of movies leaning towards the action/thriller side of the offerings (though the occasional drama or other oddity creeps in), feel free to contact me ( and I'll put you on the mailing list.

My latest bit of fun has been with a MigratoryMemoryManager? for PennMUSH which takes advantage of some of PennMUSH's behavioral quirks to drastically reduce the amount of storage overhead. Whee!

Following the examples of some other people, I think I'll be stopping by here on my way to RecentChanges or http:quickChanges?days=1. If you have comments or question for me, feel free to put them here, and I'll likely answer on my way to other reading. ;-)


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