Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence ThinkingOutLoud DonaldNoyes (20080123 20130826)

The use of InformationDevices? (ID) to DiscoverAnalyzeRelate? (DAR) information in accordance with specified filtering mechanisms customized and refined while in use via AutomatingContextParticipation? (ACP)

Scrap the idea of Artificial Intelligence in favor of practical, PersonalAutomatedIntelligence? (PAI). With the maturing of the internet, such discovery and information mining mechanisms are the wave of the future for the IndividualInformationConsumer? (IIC).

Technologies that are destined to change the way we will interact with our environment. Hopefully, big business will encourage these innovations in a way which will increase profits for itself and the users of such technologies as well.

See the following for hints only. No one has yet put it all together for the individual. Maybe you can become a BicycleMechanic for this age and turn it into reality - IndividualInformationFlight not dreamworld and fantasy as in InvisibilityOrFlight.

GeneticAlgorithms? and FitnessFunction?

Other References:
AutomatedIntelligence and the role of the new HyperLearning -- Weaving new economy fabric using FourKeyTechnologicalThreads
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