Beer Oclock

[Lifted from the LordOfTheFlies page]

The idea here is to have a surprise long lunch (afternoon tea, dinner, ...) every month or two so people feel they don't have to just sit there till they go mad. Beer is not actually required. The key is that no one organizes this, and it's never done at logical times or to celebrate anything. It's done by protocol: one developer stands up and declares, "Beer O'Clock!". If most of the others feel the same way, all go. And don't come back till you feel like coming back.

Benefits: Shifting surroundings binds member allegiances to the tribe. Informal meeting protocol relieves leaders of the "let's go gang" effect, making them peers privy to gossip. Ad-hoc context encourages exposure of underlying issues and misgivings. Appearance of "playing hookey" enhances focus upon return. Also, it's fun. --PeterMerel

See Also: TribalDevelopment, CampaignForRealAle

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