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First meeting on the 29th of September, 2000. About ten people discussed strategies for introducing XP to their projects.

Second meeting on the 27th of October. We spoke about similarities and differences between the XP-Community and the Open-Source-Community and had the idea to start an XP open-source project. A short online introduction to Squeak was given. (or SqueakSmalltalk) is an open-source project in the SmalltalkLanguage with some XPish features like a RefactoringBrowser, SmalltalkUnit and a very friendly and open community.

14. Sept 2001: 3rd Meeting, informal introduction to XP and discussion on future direction of this group. It was decided to do an ExtremeHour in order to get a better feeling for XP. The group will aim to develop a more hands-on feel for XP.

Next meeting scheduled for the 12th of October, 2001 .... Until then, here are some useful links ....

On the 12th of October we did the BerlinExtremeHour and our next meeting is schedule for the 16th of November, for more information is the xpug-berlin group.

On the 16th of November a second ExtremeHour was held but this one was not as successful as the first. We ended only being 6 people which wasn't enough and in the first 10 minutes everybody played customer which meant we had more than enough UserStories. After that, we split into 4 developers and 2 customers, with the tracker and coach playing a customer. In the end, this wasn't good and the hour took us 90 minutes. All cards are online: (offline)

On the 29th of November members of the XPUG got together to discuss the possibility of doing a distributed XP project. We could decide on a particular project, even though we had enough ideas but in the end, we didn't find a project idea that was general enough for all members to bring their experience to bear on the project. We also decided that we would try to find an external customer, i.e. none of us will play customer, with a real project. We also discussed how we could do the project and decided on a intensive weekend as a kick off, after which pairs would need to organise themselves externally, i.e. only code written in pairs would be checked in. An iteration would end once pairs had completed a specific number of hours pair programming, that is, no deadline would be defined for iteration end, rather once all hours required for an iteration had been completed would the iteration be completed.

It was also decided that the group would split itself into two separate groups: a practical group concentrating on doing an XP project while a second theory group will look into comparing XP with other existing software methodologies.

The next project meeting is planned for the 13th of december and will involve introduce a potential customer to the XP ground rules and discussing in more detail the exact environment for doing the project.

-- GerritRiessen

So our planned customer has no time on the 13th of december. Shall we still meet than?

Suggested date for our first "practical" meeting: Wednesday, the 9th of January 2002


This group will restart! We'll (By now three people) get together at

5th of April 2005, 19:00 Kant-Cafe, Kantstrasse 135, Berlin (Charlottenburg, close to Savigny-Platz)

First topics: Drink a welcome-beer, say hello, introduce oneself, talk about, what we do and what we want to do.

-- HolgerBohlmann

Our next meeting will be in

20th of april, 19:00 Max und Mortiz Oranienstr. 162

We will discuss a presentation from Dirk Riehle.

-- HolgerBohlmann

Our next meeting will be in

31th of May, 19:00 Max und Mortiz Oranienstr. 162

We will talk about the book Domain Driven Design from EricEvans. We plan to read Chapter 3 & 9. Also interessting: Chapter 5,6,10,14,15 & 16.

-- HolgerBohlmann

Our last meeting was on

14th of June, 19:00 Max und Mortiz Oranienstr. 162

We had the pleasure to welcome EricEvans to discuss his Book DomainDrivenDesign.

-- RainerWasserfuhr

Next dates (20:00!): July, 12th+26, August: 9th+23rd.

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