Calgary Agile Methods User Group

The Calgary Agile Methods User Group (CAMUG) ( exists to foster the use of AgileMethods (ExtremeProgramming, AgileModeling, Scrum, DynamicSystemsDevelopmentMethod, CrystalClearMethodology etc.) in Calgary (Alberta, Canada). Anyone can participate in the group, from those that have practiced agile methods for a number of years, to those just starting to think about agile methods and how they might apply in their organization.

Why does this require a user group? Implementing agile methods in an organization is not easy since there are many things that can go wrong. However, many organizations have already started the transition from traditional development methodologies, and are starting to see the benefits. In establishing CAMUG, we wanted to create a focus for conversations about agile methods and a place to share ideas.

Some of the discussions will focus on: - identifying agile methods that will work in your organization, and those that might not - organizational change strategies and tactics - debunking myths about agile methods - identifying research projects that are useful to industry - identifying organizations that are useful to research projects

We also want to establish CAMUG as a forum for Calgary and Alberta talent. Calgary has a vibrant IT community, and we want to make this a great meeting place for both industry and academia. A place where those that have tried agile methods can talk about their successes, and a place where those interested in learning more can find someone to talk to ...

We welcome industry people interested in applying agile methods and researchers interested in studying agile methods. One problem that agile methods are facing when they try to move from the early adopters to the mainstream is that people are asking for hard evidence on if and when they work. By bringing industry and researchers together, we hope to be able to bridge this gap.

The University of Calgary currently hosts CAMUG as a non-competing entity with the agile companies in Calgary.

GrigoriMelnik and AdamGeras? are the group co-moderators.
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