Citi Wiki

CitiWiki is a fork of the original WakkaWiki. The objective of CitiWiki is to create a platform for research into Wiki-related technologies. CitiWiki itself is being used to implement a wiki system for the Department of Computer Science that acts as a knowledge management system (KMS) to collect and organize knowledge related to Computer Science in general, with contributions from both CS students and staff. This CS knowledge-base is here.
The CitiWiki fork was created since we envision substantial code changes will be made to the original WakkaWiki for our research and experimentation. You could take a look at WikiDev? to find out more on some of our development details. We plan to make CitiWiki source code available to the general public.

They seem to have made lots of good changes, such as allowing individual wiki pages to have their own CascadingStyleSheets as well as good permissions control, etc. The SourceCode is available at:


I could not find the download page. Katte.

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