Data Access Object

DataAccessObject is a native MicroSoft object model shipped with MicrosoftAccess.

It has been superseded by ActivexDataObject, which is more suited for communicating with server databases.

Information taken from VbDevelopersGuidetoAdo?

It's also a pattern for accessing RDBMS information, expounded on the Sun J2EE website <>.

This page isn't quite right: the MS API is called DataAccessObjects?: note the pluralisation. I propose that except for a note redirecting the reader towards the appropriate page, this page concentrate on the pattern rather than the similarly named API. -- KeithGaughan?

Another example of this design pattern is the recommendations in the book 'Hibernate In Action'. DAO is certainly not a Microsoft-specific thing.

Is it wrong to use the term DataAccessObject generally for a specific implementation of the CaretakerPattern, where DAO is the object used to hide the concrete implementation of how the data is stored (database, files, cloud, whatever) from the application?

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