David Vincent

a Developer/Operator at http://codelegal.com.au

I got interested in TestCentredDevelopment? in the late nineties. If I recall correctly, I discovered RecursiveMakeConsideredHarmful and then the AeGis configuration manager. Around then I learned about ExtremeProgramming. Since then I have tried to apply it and related things, with varying success.

I got interested in HardwareDevelopment? including AnalogElectronics? in primary school. In the 7th grade I discovered DigitalElectronics? and soon after that SoftwareDevelopment and perhaps became a CompulsiveProgrammer?.

I try not to give up.

I have worked on systems to:

Visit another home page at <http://www.zeta.org.au/~dvincent/>. Send me mail at <mailto:dvincent@zeta.org.au>. Don't send spam.


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