Developer Bill Of Rights

Developer Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

And if you get all that, will you at long last take responsibility for the results?

In which way? Are you speaking as a customer unsatisfied with the features or quality of software? As a manager unsatisfied with the ability to make budget and/schedule? As a pundit unsatisfied with the industry in general? As a fellow software practitioner, unsatisfied with current methodologies, practices, techniques, and tools?

May I suggest ThirtyHourWeeks?

If you aren't allowed to set your own day-to-day scheduling and goals, I believe at least in California, labor law classifies you as non-exempt, which qualifies you for overtime pay (be sure to document your hours and tasks).

This doesn't sound right. From what I can find, in order to be exempt in California, you have to be salaried and perform either administrative, executive, or professional work. While part of the definition of professional work includes making independent decisions on a regular basis, no mention was made of scheduling or goals.

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