Dutch Xp Community

Analogous to a LanguageSpecificXpCommunity, Dutch people are interested in discussing on and meeting about ExtremeProgramming. The information on this page is outdated. For up-to-date information on meetings, conferences, the mailing list and people who are doing extreme programming in Nederland, you are invited to visit see http://www.xpnl.org.

On 20-9-2000 a lot of people on this list had a meeting: the Dutch XP group was born!

Meetings are since organized about every six weeks. Each time another company hosts the meeting and arranges drinks and food. Announcements and reports of meetings can be found on the e-group or the wiki. To celebrate the first anniversary of XP-NL, a joint meeting was held with XpBelgium.

Munich, July 24 2000,

I did manage to get things warmed up in the company I work for. I ordered 5 copies of Kent Beck's book for the company, and most of my colleagues have read or at least skimmed them. We even have our own testing framework for internal use. Moreover, together with a colleague, I gave a presentation on XP during one of our monthly company get-together-days. We presented it in XP-style, i.e., together. That worked very well. While I was going on and on and on about how great XP is, my colleague kept track of the time I was consuming, and signalled me to keep things short where needed. That presentation was a great success. People are still talking about it.

During the first halve of this year I was at Siemens with one of my colleagues, and we have tried to do pair programming. That is the part of XP I was most sceptic about. Now, I am fully convinced of its advantages. As a programming pair, we were able to do more complicated tasks, within shorter time, and with better results as single programmers. I think this amazing effect was caused by the following: 1. We went faster together since we were mutually driving each other to go on 2. We didn't allow ourselves to be distracted 3. We didn't get bored and annoyed because things could always be made running (more satisfaction due to more success) 4. Since you do continuous code reviewing, the code will have better quality

I did a project assignment at BMW. Within this project things must be tested very thoroughly. Sounds like eXtreme Testing to me! I have already downloaded and installed JUnit!

-- MarkNankman

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