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FAQ-O-Matic is an independently invented WikiWikiClone. Visit one at ...

This is an excerpt from the about page at the above address ...

	This is FAQ-O-Matic, a quick-and-dirty Perl hack (aren't they all?) by Jon Howell. 

It seems like most FAQ maintainers make a valiant initial effort, then get a life and don't have time to keep their FAQs up to date. Also, I often find out a solution to a problem, and feel like I could write a single FAQ answer on it in a few minutes, but where to post it?

Thus the FAQ-O-Matic was born. FAQ-O-Matic is a couple sleazy Perl scripts that allow people to submit FAQ answers to this database, so it can stay current, with just a tiny bit of work on any one person's part.

Yes, a bad guy could come along and wipe out all the FAQ entries. Please don't. But to give the good guys some measure of comfort, each submission is stored in an RCS file, so if someone does tamper, we can recover the database. Furthermore, version 2 keeps track of who makes changes.


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