French Xp Community

The FrenchXpCommunity had its first "big" meeting on June 19th, 2001.

It went through a long fallow period until about september 2002, at which time LaurentBossavit revived some interest in the smaller-scale "practitioner's group" meetings, an idea shamelessly stolen from AndyHunt. The "groupe de praticiens" met over thirteen times over the following year. Another largish meeting took place in September 2003.

It was only in 2006 that the first XpDay? France conference was held; it has been held yearly since, with a number of similar conferences popping up in France.

The French XP Wiki is now at

See (currently redirects to the Wiki),

Non-French francophones are also welcome.

On parle fran´┐Żais aussi au MontrealXpUsersGroup.

Q: Can i ask what it's like programming when your spoken language is not english: does the fact that the computer language has english syntax (are there any that don't?) impair the process or require you to have a basic understanding of english? I'd imagine the variables you create would be in your own language, introducing a mix. If you work for an international company (i.e. american) do they make you use english variables too? Just curious. Merci!

see ProgrammingWhenNotSpeakingEnglish

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