Galactic Wiki

When WarpDrive has been mastered, SubSpace engineered to provide not just a PlanetaryInternet, but a GalacticInternet?, advanced GridComputing will allow civilizations across the Galaxy to efficiently share knowledge and ideas, fostering peace. Of course this will need an advanced WikiTranslator.

And they will all look back to this very Wiki page, and to, who started it all.
And it will also allow the sharing of spam and virii, fostering war...

...Which will cause a small startup on an asteroid around Sirius to develop a killer antivirus application making them trillions...

Pedantic note: only use the double-i ending (in reference to 'virii') to Latin or pseudo-Latin words if it is a plural of a noun whose singular is of the form -ius (like how 'radius' goes to 'radii'). Words that end merely in -us are pluralised -i ('modus' to 'modi', for instance) but the plural of 'virus' is not 'viri' for two reasons: 'viri' is already plural of 'vir', which means 'man', and 'virus' itself means 'slime', and thus is a collective noun. Thus 'viruses' is one of the few cases in which '-uses' is ideal, the others being when one is writing a silly song about hippopotami and ChristMas?. I guess this is off-topic, but some people may find it interesting.
Wiki growth seems analogous to galaxy and star formation small particles (pages) are formed, clump together and combine by accretion to form larger and larger masses that orbit (link) to each other, often colliding and shattering (getting ReFactored) only to re-combine together till they stabilize, the whole conflagration revolving around itself. If Wiki is a Galaxy then RecentChanges is its center.

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