Germany Country

The Federal Republic of Germany (in German called "Bundesrepublik Deutschland") is a federal state in middle Europe. It is structured in 16 states (so called "Länder", singular "Land"). It's capital is Berlin. Germany has got 82 million inhabitants, of which 91 percent have got the German citizenship. 7 million of these have got a so called MigrationBackground?, which means that they immigrated to Germany during the last fifty years.

The current German state was founded in 1949, when the three occupiers USA, France and GreatBritain told the Germans to write a constitution (the so called "Grundgesetz", which means "Basic Law" in English). The SovietUnion therefore told the Germans in it's zone of occupation to form the German Democratic Republic = GDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik = DDR) as a socialist state. During the 60's, a wall has been built through Berlin and the borders to the GDR were closed. Until 1989, the borders were kept closed. In 1990, the GDR joined the Federal Republic (German Reunification).

A German, Mr. Zuse, invented the first computer (the Zuse Z3). Today, Germany is a place with many IT companys.

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