Gnu Compiler Collection

The GnuCompilerCollection (gcc) is the crown jewel of the GnuTools.

Any reasons for time starved inhouse developers to be concerned about GnuCompilerCollection? What useful things can be developed for deployment under WindowsOperatingSystems?
It provides facilities for any ol' developer to write their own front-end to it, thus providing whatever-language with the full power of the back-end. In practice, unless you're already intimately familiar with the system... this will take a while. Documentation is a bit of a problem, up-to-date documentation more so, and the code isn't often written for clarity.
Pages for particular languages

There is also the DataDisplayDebugger (ddd).
I have no doubt that this subject has been beaten to death in the past, but I'd like to dredge it up Yet One More Time: Why can't the FSF people join the blessed 21st Century and create a GCC that runs native under MS-Windows?!? Ignoring this source of development potential is like pretending the sun does not rise in the east. All of the workarounds, fake Linux environments, pseudo-tools, and other kaka is just that -- craprodica. Can't FSF create a tool set (well, a C/C++ compiler, at least) that runs in the single most prolific desktop environment on Planet Earth?

They did. It's called mingw.

See the references above. I think this is a ParkingTicket comment not looking for a reply. -- JohnFletcher

Have you looked at the way TwilightDragon have packaged the tools? When it is combined with CodeBlocks it provides a project environment for program development.
It is worth adding that there is an alternative set of tools in Clang (CeeLanguageFamilyFrontEnd) and LLVM (LowLevelVirtualMachine) to be looked at as well.

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