Google Knows Everything

The GoogleSearch for the phrase itself is instructive:

A thread at GoogleAnswers tests the claim with 45 facts to check:

The correct phrase is Google Knows All, as proved by the google search itself. It has higher popularity than google knows everything and better relevance.

Can Google tell me how to find fulfillment and inner peace? Can it tell me how to find true love? Hell, can it even tell me where to go have sushi tonight? --francis

Yes, yes, and yes. But it's not always easy. Google helps those who help themselves.

Please tell me what Google knows about inner peace. --francis

You're kidding, right? Well, ok, here's one approach:

A cursory look at those results would indicate some results that have to do with inner peace, but which probably aren't of much use to me. (Everybody has a different way of approaching a question like this, no?)

I'm actually trying to make some sort of a point, though perhaps the point is too annoying to be addressed directly. Nonetheless, I'll state it as something like: Some sorts of knowledge are less controversial than others, and hence lend themselves to the application of organizational or technical power. Correct solutions to, say, installing Apache are easy to find with Google. The stock market theoretically knows the ideal price of a company's stock, etc.

But just because some sorts of knowledge are easier to automate than others, doesn't make them more valuable than others. In fact, I'd posit that the opposite is true.

By the way, Google: Where did I leave my house keys? --francis A-ha! Wrong and wrong. They're in my bag.

This reminds me of the good old adage: "God answers all the prayers. But sometimes the answer is no.". So probably google knows everything, but sometimes it doens't tell you from what he knows what you're interested to find out.
Also, what does Google know about Jews?

--francis Looking at those results, how would you characterize the state of Google's knowledge about Jews? Google's knowledge (as of this writing) seem to include the fact that the international Jew is the world's foremost problem.

Anyway, I'm probably just being too bloody didactic, but I feel like the sort of sentiment on this page (expressed only half-seriously, I know) does seem to lead a lot of people to really odd conclusions. Like the possibility that Google is God (entertained in the NewYorkTimes, of all places), or conversely, in talk by critics that Google should be regulated as a public utility. Don't get me wrong, Google's great. But like everything else, it's just a tool. --francis Or how googling for god takes you to an mp3. . .
"... Where has Google gone?" he cried. "I shall tell you. We have killed him--you and I. ..."
MicrosoftCorporation is trying hard to break GoogleKnowsEverything. There are now private newsgroups (e.g. WindowsXp SP2 RCx) that are none of Google's business. Watch out, Google, hordes of MicrosoftSlaves are constructing siege machines near your kingdom (in mid 2004 speculation is rampant that Microsoft is targeting Google).

Microsoft puts a robots.txt on their newsgroups, it MUST BE A CONSPIRACY. I dub thee a MicroKook.

See: GoogleLovesWiki

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