Got Deleted

[This move was brilliant! It has the air of something brutish but underneath lies something subtle, wonderful! -- PhilGoodwin This comment was brilliant Phil]

Was at WikiCouch:
WikiCouch is a safe place for soothing, venting (deleting) and (hopefully) healing.

Patient: I am really ANGRY! Someone (and I think I know who) deleted some really important stuff from a page that I originated!!!!!!!!!!

DrWiki: And your point is...

They should not do that. They don't have the right.

I thought everyone has the right to delete whatever they see fit to delete.

But it was insensitive. It was malicious. It was intended to hurt me.

And it did hurt you, didn't it?

(sobbing quietly) yes...

Did you tell anyone?

You bet! I ranted and raved. I gave those no-good, insensitive, dirty, rotten, filthy, foul, corrupt, indecent, inhuman, bilge water, finks a piece of my mind.

Did it help?

(very quietly) They deleted it.

But did it help?


Time's up, that will be $150. Cash only, please.

But DrWiki, They're probably deleting this as we speak!

Oh well...

DrWiki: Next patient please...

The next patient deletes contributions compulsively, and is coming to DrWiki for help. Those who've had the benefit of being from the queen's homeland will be permitted to appreciate the irony here, the rest will have to do with gruel. As is customary, the names are changed to protect the innocent. For this case study, we'll refer to the patient as "John".

DrWiki: What seems to be the problem Garamond? May I call you Garamond?

John: Yes doctor, that's fine, but I'd prefer it if you called me by name. I spend a lot of time deleting posts on Wiki. I don't seem to be able to help myself. Do you think you can help me?

DrWiki: I don't know. Tell me, why do you delete stuff on Wiki?

John: Why, to keep it tidy, of course. I only delete posts that don't agree with my viewpoint, but that's been taking a lot of my time.

DrWiki: Do you think it's wrong to delete posts you don't agree with?

John: No, of course not. Why, it would be wrong to leave them there. The wiki must be kept clean so people who happen by don't see anything I don't agree with.

DrWiki What do other members of the wiki think of all this activity of yours?

John: They don't know I'm doing it. I must remain humble in my quest to protect them from ideas that don't agree with mine. I remain anonymous if I can, and go to great lengths to protect myself from exposure to the unclean o... .. um, I mean, the ones I don't agree with.

DrWiki: So... You've spent a lot of time helping others not to see posts that don't agree with your views.

John: Yes, a lot of time. Sometimes it's a very thankless job. I'm not sure doctor, but it may have become an obsession. I don't sleep, I don't eat. I fret about it all the time.

DrWiki: Why would simply deleting the opinions you don't agree with take so much of your time?

John: It can't just be deleted you know? It has to be as if the unclean... um, I mean, the offending point of view... never actually existed. For that you have to clear the offending viewpoint from the page and then go in and edit the RecentChanges pages so that the name of the page doesn't show up there. You have to be vigilant, watching minute by minute for the bad names to show on the RecentChanges page so you can delete them. You also have to delete ref...

DrWiki: Ok, ok, I understand now.

John: now sobbing It takes so much time... Can you help me doc?

DrWiki: I'll try. We have to get at the root cause of your problem though.

John: Do you think it's because I'm from a small backwards country with a huge inferiority complex?

DrWiki: Hmmm. A good theory, but no, I don't think that's it.

John: Do you think it's because wiki permits me to exercise power anonymously that I could never express with my mother?

DrWiki: No, that's not it either, Garamond.

John: bawling outright So what is it doc?

DrWiki: I think your problem is ... of a more deeply embedded nature.

John: sniffle Is there any hope for me doc?

DrWiki: There's always hope, Garamond. Always hope.

John: So how do we


DrWiki: That's $42.00 today. Pay the receptionist on the way out. Next patient please...

. . . . . . . . .

p.s. Yes that "John" character in the above humor-skit has taken his name from me, JohnRepici, the guy who wrote it. Thought it best to point that out, lest anyone else who shares my name in this ... "focused" community take personal offense. :-)

DrWiki: Next patient, please... What seems to be the problem?

Mary: I had a large number of my posts deleted and so I broke down and, well, I signed one.

DrWiki: Ahhh... I see.

Mary: I didn't mean to, but it was the third time I had posted the exact same thing and I couldn't take it any more. I had to do something.

DrWiki: So you signed a post. Tell me, was this post... relevant?

Mary: Yes, I felt it was really important that it be said, or I wouldn't have posted it three times. I feel so weak.

DrWiki: Don't worry, in that situation even the greatest WikiMaster would have cracked. Now, was that... all you did?

Mary: No.

DrWiki: Ahh...

Mary: I... I added a little note, after my name.

DrWiki: And what did this note say?

Mary: It said, "who doesn't like having her anonymous posts being deleted".

DrWiki: Did anyone respond?

Mary: Oh, yes, they were very apologetic. But it was my name that did it, not my post. They didn't care about that.

DrWiki: Yes, there are some people like that. But just remember, you don't have to be.

Mary: You're right, of course. I'll remember that. And, from now on, I will save a copy of every message I write, so reposting will be easy.

DrWiki: That is sensible. It is better to take precautions. And next time you think you might break down and sign something, get help first, that's what I'm here for. $93, please, before you go.

Mary: Do you have change for $100, I don't seem to have my checkbook?

DrWiki: No, but I'll credit your account for the $7 towards your next visit!

DrWiki: Next...

AnonymousDonor: Dear StrongBad?, How do you type with boxing gloves on?

StrongBad?: DELETED!

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