Half Qwerty


I think this is just a software wedge that re-interprets the (KeyUp?, KeyDown?) messages from a normal QWERTY keyboard.

Is there a version for Linux?

Does "Linux Half-key Keyboard patch" http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~john/computer/hk/ do what you want?

This is a terrible solution for people who can only type with one hand. Please see the left hand layout on the DvorakKeyboard.

I'm guessing this is an excellent solution for people with only half a keyboard :-). But thanks for the pointer to the one-handed Dvorak keyboard.

When you say "half QWERTY" I think of this:

See http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/input/keyboards/5e2b/ http://www.halfkeyboard.com/


I think a person could take an off-the-shelf full QWERTY keyboard and chop off half the keys (following the directions at http://www.trevorblackwell.com/keyboardchop.html).

As far as I can tell, the result would be practically identical to the above half-keyboards.

Then, is the software from http://half-qwerty.com/ all you need to use this hacked-up half keyboard?

IBM developed an experimental laptop with a dual-mode keyboard with half the keys:


I wonder: Why is IBM's prototype the right half of a QWERTY keyboard, while http://www.halfkeyboard.com/ is the left half of a QWERTY keyboard?

In my experience, most computer mice live to the right of a computer keyboard. So using the left half of a keyboard and a mouse would feel natural to many people.

I personally alternate between using left hand for mouse and right hand for mouse, trying to introduce enough variety to stave off RepetitiveStrainInjury.

The WolfKing Warrior seems to be a variant HalfQwerty aimed at gamers: http://www.wolfkingusa.com/prdts_wolfking.html


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