Horses Vs Cows

I'm looking for a quadruped for riding. Should I choose a horse or a cow?

Definitely a cow. Cows can produce milk, and make nice burgers. I've been using cows for years, and have never found the need for a horse.

But what about riding?

Ummm... I've never tried that with a cow. Why would you want to? Let's see... Just build yourself a nice big saddle. Should be able to jump straight on.

The cow doesn't seem very responsive, and doesn't seem to like it much.

Bah, you just train it a bit and you'll be fine. It should only take a few months.

Okay... I've got him trained. Seems a little slow though.

Don't worry about performance. It'll be fixed in the next couple of evolution cycles, I'm sure. In the meantime... Maybe if you attach these rockets?

As a point of information: American bison (commonly called buffalo) can do 30MPH (50 Km/h); I don't know how long they can sustain that speed. Thoroughbred horses sustain average speeds of 45MPH (75 KM/h) for over a mile; quarter-horses can go faster than that over very short distances. Don't know how other cattle species (including domesticated cattle) fare...

Fixed? Would that be fixed like a car or fixed like a cat? Err, steer in this example.

I worked as a stable boy at a ranch for many years, tending both cows and horses. I came to the conclusion that horses were expensive, obnoxious, and rather useless cows. What can you do with a horse that you cannot do with a cow? Anyone who says cows cannot run fast has never seen an angry cow.

Needless to say, the owners of said horses did not find my opinion amusing. How would you like to be told your $40k luxury car was in fact no better than a Daewoo? -- DaveFayram

Win the Kentucky Derby? :) Even if angry cows are fast, and would be allowed on the track, I bet the cow would lose.

Horses do have another advantage: un-neutered adult male horses are far less cranky/dangerous than un-neutered adult male cows, pigs, sheep, etc...

But here's a question for you: Why is it that cowboys, when herding cattle, don't just ride a few of the herd?

And a second question, which relates to the marketing problem cows have: Why are cattle used for milk/meat referred to as "cows", and cattle used for draft purposes called "oxen"?

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