How Long Isa Piece Of String

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About 6 months with average wear and tear. After that it decomposes into lint, which is forever. Now 6 months =~ 183 days * 24 hours/day * 60 mins/hour * 60 secs/min * 300,000,000 meters/sec * 39 inches/meter = about 2*10e17 inches. But the width varies.

Ah, that finally clears up my misunderstandings about CosmicStringTheory?! Clearly they all degrade into CosmicLint?, which is why my office desk gets so dusty.

But why on earth is the duration multiplied by m/s?

Well, obviously, 300 000 000 m/s is the speed of light, the standard constant for converting time units to space units. Geez, what are you, dense?

Smells like the horses legs "joke".

Which is?

ISO or ANSI string?

Depends on the piece of string.

Depends if it's null-terminated or not._{A#5d?\12^1>[4+bn\003dv~%

It's knot-terminated, of course!

As long as the ends are far apart.

As long as the ends could be apart.

Just this long.

One string long.

As long as it is.

Half as long as two pieces of string.

Twice the length from the center to either end.

The one I have was 100 feet long when manufactured, but It is a little longer now, The paper binding came loose and I had to rewind the loose end. I rewound it with a little extra tension. You can purchase as many as you need to fly your kite. But do not fly your kite around power lines.

Just make sure that if it has one end, it has another end. Otherwise it's really not string and any measurement is going to be invalid.

What is the string if I weld the ends together so that it no longer has any ends, given that it's not a string. This suggests that the length is some kind of line integral ...

On the other hand, what if the string is shaped like a lower-case sigma?

Or a super-string?

string someString; int length = someString.size ();

Does the length of a string vary when we use a proportional font?

The string is of infinite length -- it is only meaningful to measure its fractal dimension.

Ah, but it's not how long is a string. It's HowLongIsaPieceOfString. Pieces of strings these days come in units of 8 or 16 bits. But of course this isn't really long enough for all earthly alphabets, much less the weird and wonderful alphabets that will happen along once the SeTi project succeeds. Anyone care to take a ball-park stab at how many bits pieces of a universal string might measure?

Its not long at all. Piece of string (i.e. char) and long are incompatible primitive types.

SeTi characters can (of course ;-) be identified by "Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs)". (MicroSoft more sensibly calls these GUIDs.)

So it's "how long is a substring?"
  Len(Mid$(someString,3,8)) = 8?

Is it a variable length string?

A: Depends on how hot or cold it is. (Expansion/contraction of physical substances when heated/cooled.)

A: Depends on how fast it's moving. (Relativity.)

A: Depends on where it is. (Gravity; relativity again. ;-)

This just in: New European Standard String Lengths Announced.

...And for CHF 50,00 ISO will tell you what they are.

A: Depends on how hard you pull on it. (Even cold rolled steel has some elasticity.)

A: Depends on the piece of string. (Freedom of expression and belief, and the right not to be discriminated against based on physical attributes)

Doesn't the RationalUnifiedProcess specify a standard length ?

However long MicroSoft says it is (new MS String 2000!)

Is that an African or a European string? What? Uh, I don't know that... AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! ;-)

We don't serve strings in this bar. (Are you a string? No, I'm a frayed knot!)

MuAnswer. (You don't want to lose your own string-nature.)

If its a NonNullTerminatedString, the answer is likely GeneralProtectionFault.

14 characters, of course. How long is "aPieceOfString". If I've counted correctly.

strlen( string );
give me one and I'll measure it in at least 10 ways. Then I'll know!

There's bound to be a lower limit at which point the braiding isn't enough to hold it together - would a string segment of this length be a definitive "piece"?

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