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Hi there, and welcome to WardsWiki. I don't know if you've been here long, but you seem to be creating a cluster of pages without any links in or out. This is usually referred to as a WalledGarden and is frowned on.

If your intention is to put information here and connect it to the rest of WardsWiki then you're very welcome, and many here would welcome the chance to assist. If you were putting up what amounts to a self-contained sub-wiki then you might want to think again.

It might be handy to note that the above comment isn't directed to the average reader of this page...I've never created a single page here much less a WalledGarden (I have read the definition of it however), I just clicked on a link here from the TruckNumberFixed topic. Especially weird since there is no other content here to call a "WalledGarden."

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