Ilisp Mode

ILISP is ``a comprehensive (X)Emacs interface for an inferior Common Lisp, or other Lisp based languages.

``Currently ILISP can handle the connection with the following Common Lisp and Scheme implementations: CMUCL, CLisp by B. Haible and M. Stoll, Harlequin LispWorks, Franz Allegro CL, many KCL derivatives (including GCL), and various Scheme implementations. ''

You can find out more at or download it from

For a long time IlispMode had the dubious honour of being "just good enough"; although very easily confused and with viciously opaque failure modes, it was sufficiently good that nobody was motivated to write anything better. Happily in late 2003 a new project - the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs, or SLIME (SlimeMode) was created, which as of May 2004 though still pre-1.0 is about ready for real work and already more useful for many people than ILISP.


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