Inter Wiki Map

This concept arose from discussion about InterWiki (a usenet-like distributed network of Wiki servers).

An InterWikiMap provides a simple "inter-wiki linking" system, currently (as of November 25, 2000) working in three very different wiki implementations on over 10 separate sites, and also on the AdvoGato (non-wiki) site. See and for more information.

Well, let's try again. I'm pushing to make MeatballWiki publish its InterWikiList? (which can include trustable non-wiki entries too) so other wikis can suck it up. That would make MeatballWiki the central nameserver for InterWiki, more or less. Nothing fancy about it, really. Discussion to -- SunirShah

Ok, Cliff made the simple first step: --ss

Raph made the second (much bigger step) of implementing InterWiki on AdvoGato. Very cool! --ss

MoinMoin has supported InterWikiMap for a while now.

The TWiki software has a working InterWiki plugin (as of the 15 March 2001 beta, see ) - it's now enabled on I have been playing with it, and it's interesting how much easier it is to surf across a number of different Wikis and not really worry too much about which one you are in at the moment. Even this simple form of InterWiki definitely moves things closer to a WorldWideWikiWeb.

Is WardCunningham planning on supporting InterWiki on this wiki? It would be nice, since this is a branching off point for access to many other Wikis. -- RichardDonkin

NotOnThisWiki. WardsWiki has SisterSites instead.

Perhaps the features of InterWikiMap and WikiCategoriztion? should be maintained externally as part of the local application accessing InternetPages?, particularly since users tend to have preferences in what they would like to see in these two features.

Has anyone heard of a BrowserAddIn? which deals with either of these?

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