Intra Net

Intranet is a term used for a company private network, typically protected by a FireWall.

Originally, I believe, the term was used for using internet technology (http, html, etc.) on a private network. Currently, it is simply a BuzzWord.

My ISP is Intranet Technologies based in Ottawa, Canada. Before they were bought out, the owner went around suing intranet conferences for using the term that he "invented" in the early 90's. Of course, it was coined decades beforehand. Weirdo. -- SunirShah ( ;)

Of course, the word "intranet" must be laboriously overpronounced.

Is anyone using Wiki as an Intranet? I was looking for something (a) simple, (b) allows people to edit without having to learn HTML, (c) doesn't cost a lot

Seems to me that Wiki does seem to fit the bill but I would be interested in anyone's experience of using it as such (good or bad).

I am interested in the same thing, I am a interactive communications consultant and my clients are looking for wiki based intranet and I am looking for someone to tell me more about the authoring of a wiki site and the maintenance of such a site?

-- PaulSantucci

To further underscore the perhaps unbelievable statement earlier about the ISP, IntraNet Technologies, filing suit against those using the term "intranet", please see the following source:


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