Iron Python

IronPython is an implementation of PythonLanguage as a DotNetLanguage?.

IronPython was created by JimHugunin, the originator of JavaPython.

Hugunin claims to have begun IronPython as research on why DynamicLanguage implementations perform poorly on the CommonLanguageRuntime; he was surprised to find that in fact his initial implementation was highly competitive with CPython on the PyStone? benchmark. MicroSoft soon hired him to work on IronPython full-time as an official Microsoft project. IronPython served as MS' experimental implementation of dynamic languages for DotNet (VisualBasicDotNet notwithstanding); much of the experience and infastructure from IronPython was then generalised into the DynamicLanguageRuntime?.

As of August 2007, the current production release of IronPython is 1.1, which is available under the MicrosoftPermissiveLicense? version 1.1 . Version 2 is in development. Versions 1 and 2 run on Mono (see MonoProject). There is a community release of IronPython (ICPE or FePy?) including extra libraries: see

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