Jerome Fillon

Just a simple developer/consultant in the Montreal area.

I work for my own company : Softimedia Inc.

My principal interests are :


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Things I've done for (myself?...,community... ?)
Courses in French

Linux, Java and Video

I recently bought a wireless camera from It came with a VCR commander and a couple of motion sensors. Those things are supposed to work together. But i thought that making it work with my linux box would have been a better way to handle it...

Install the frame grabber card' To install just do the following sequence as root : Now you can start xawtv.

I found a simple java layer for Video4Linux. So now I have to create a simple program to detect movement between images. I made a couple of spikes and now i can tell that it's nearly working. I've used JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) to manipulate images. I need to find a better algorithm / tools to detect movement between frames. Actually my wireless cam seems to send frames with too much noise in my opinion. I need to find a way to substract this noise.

I did something like this (substract noise from wireless cam) last year, and now I've got to do it again, contact me if you're still interested. I'm in Montreal too. -- RobinMillette

Java 3D Links

This lib can take snapshots, run script, load 3DS, Imagine, AutoCAD, PDB, DEM, TrueSpace?, VRML92, Wavefront models

Java Gaming web site:

F1 video in Java:

Collection of VRML/Java3D games and snapshots:

Demo with Quake3 models

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