John Sechrest

John Sechrest has worked at HewlettPackard as an engineer, and at OregonStateUniversity as a System Administrator and as an Instructor. He also has started, and sold, a local ISP called PEAK Internet Services ( and has a home page at He now works as the Economic Development Director for Benton County, working on helping businesses startup and helping to move forward tech business startups.

He is interested in Collaborative Software. He has been worked on Email -> wiki code for PurpleWiki and Email -> Blog in Blosxom.

He did work with User-mode-Linux support with, which has used Xen as well. There was an AO project looking at large scale system configuration for grid computing fabrics and Utility computing.

Recently, the SixHourStartup? ( ) efforts in Seattle have been interesting as well as the StartupWeekend? ( )


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