Krit Ter

My real name is Chris Purcell, but I use my nickname Kritter (or KritTer in Wiki sites) exclusively online, except for MeatBall, so have used it here to be easily recognizable to others who already know me.

I am (currently; 2003-2006, ideally) a PhD student in ComputerScience at Cambridge University, England.

I was responsible for the introduction of page history and categories to the Wiki engine of the CocoaDev sister site. I am interested in Wiki Categories, NameSpaces and the SemanticWeb, specifically SemanticWikiWikiWeb. I started the FacetWiki project in furtherance of these interests.

-- Chris Purcell (KritTer)

To any Wiki pedants: please read RealNamesPlease before asking me to follow the pattern.


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