Mark Spanglet

Describe MarkSpanglet here. A loner, a rebel and a frustrated stand-up comic. A C/C++/Java/Fortan/PL1 etc. etc. Unix kinda guy who just wants to kill the monsters and get more gold and experience points. If they outlaw pointers, only outlaws will have them.

Lately I have been on too many projects where the prototype became a production system. This led to the If it ain't broke, fix it until it is. model(??) Is this an AntiPattern ?

It seems like more and more projects are suffering from analysis paralysis or the other extreme of no analysis at all. Six months of design where the designers keep arguing about whose model and terminology to use depending on which book or article they have read. Which of the many voices is that of the new messiah? Is best practices just a slogan? If there are 6 months of design and 6 months of testing how many milliseconds of development can occur in one year?

In leap-years, you might get a whole day... -- DougKing

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