Montreal Xp Meeting Eleven

Quasi-minutes for the Montreal XP Users Group's eleventh meeting : (Thursday March 7th 19h00-23h00)

People (Please add your names - apologies to those forgotten): This meeting attracted several of the members of the Montreal Java Users Group. We would like to invite the others to join us in the future.

JeanMarcHeneman? brought us the "books of the month" : SoftwareCraftsmanship by PeteMcBreen and SoftwareForYourHead by Jim and Michele McCarthy.

IainLowe told his SuccessStory : how a failing project brought his company to Adopt Xp.

Since we had no prepared presentations we decided to brainstorm for the future.

Ideas for future meetings:

If you would like to plan one of these, just move it to the MontrealXpUsersGroup page. Put your name next to it and send us an email on our mailing list. If you like, you can probably find somebody to pair with you.

We would like to do a presentation (or series of presentations) with the theme MovingTowardsSellingAgility.

We talked about doing something on the Economy Of Xp or Xp Business Model. The focus is how the GoldOwner and GoalDonor can work together to have successful projects.

Half of us ended up playing an XP card game ( that Sebastien brought (could you tell us how that went ?) while the other half talked about varia (VincentTence mentioned some papers he had read about the Staged Event Driven Architecture ; you can find them at


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