Montreal Xp Meeting Twenty Fourth

VincentTence presented a resume of Kent's SoftwareInProcess talk given at the CRIM in January. We talked about specialization of team members and about the added cost of supporting daily releases (in terms of documentation and so on).

AlainFarmer also presented the group with a first draft of his resume of Kent's white book which he has asked that we take the time to read and "paufine". He asked for comments and feedback on his paper. Alain, maybe you could sign up to moderate a discussion based on your paper? It might be a good way to refresh some older memories and for some of the newer additions to our group to get a good idea of XP all at the same time.

We also welcomed Jean-Francois to our group as a newcomer. We found that going around the table and giving a little "name, title and job description" speech was enlightening not only for Jean-Francois but also for Sebastien!

For our first Tuesday meeting, I think this was a roaring success. The turnout was almost as high as for our Thursday meetings and although everybody seemed a bit sluggish at the beginning, discussion heated up and things got off to a good start.

Thanks Vincent!

-- IainLowe

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