Montreal Xp Meeting Twenty Seventh

JeanPhilippeBelanger led an animated discussion about why patterns could be considered harmful. We discussed classically misused patterns such as SingletonPattern, VisitorPattern and EnterpriseJavaBeans.

JeanMarcHeneman? presented TheFifthDiscipline, a book by PeterSenge on learning organizations and systemic thinking.

JeanMarcHeneman? presented the study group on Trust, Xp and Agile Methodologies. See Next step: build list of participants then find a first meeting date.

There were various discussions about interfaces in JavaLanguage, generics in JavaLanguage, XSLT transformation of SGML to XML, DTDs versus schemas in XML, functional vs. OO and how the languages/technologies used change the "rules of engagement". Also, how refactoring fits into an overall approach to programming and how it lines up with CodeUnitTestFirst.

We were joined by Francois, who will hopefully find his way back to us next meeting!

Thanks to Jean-Philippe for a great stimulating presentation.


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