Montreal Xp Meetings Summer Fall Three

Montreal XP Users Group - Meetings Summer/Fall 2003

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Thursday, December 4 2003 (Meeting 42)

Tuesday, November 18 2003 - Cancelled due to transit strike

Thursday, November 6 2003 (Meeting 41)

Tuesday, October 21 2003 (Meeting 40)

Formation of the Projects Group.

Vincent has opened a Source Forge project for our use - - we will be creating tools to support the XP process.

Our first project will be addins for the JIRA bug and issue tracking system. Both Bob and Vincent are using JIRA in their workplace and have ideas as to what is needed. They will both write up descriptions on how they use JIRA for XP. (This information will be posted on Source Forge site or mailing list.)

Those who are interested should email VincentTence to join the project.

Thursday, October 2 2003 (Meeting 39)

Two directions arose out of tonight's meeting:

Vincent is going to look into setting up hosting of a web site for theprojects and our presentation project.

At the next Tuesday night meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month - October 21) it is proposed that we discuss (and write stories) about the the projects we have selected.

At the next Thursday night meeting (1st Thursday of the month - November 6) it is proposed that we start developing the first of our presentations.

For those interested, the JIRA link:

Tuesday, September 16 2003 (Meeting 38)

Small meeting attended by four people.

AlainFarmer had questions about what level of refinement do we use UserStories.

VincentTence and BobPotter discussed the possibility of a sub group working on some XP addins for JIRA - an issue tracker web application

Thursday, September 4 2003 (Meeting 37)

Was an informal meeting where we tossed around ideas for the group. The MontrealXpUsersGroup has been meeting for over two years. What should be our next steps?

Ideas passed around:

Tuesday, August 19, 2003 (Meeting 36)

Thursday, August 7, 2003 (Meeting 35)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003 (Meeting 34)

Thursday, July 3, 2003 (Meeting 33)

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