Pascal Case

Words created by concatenating capitalized words. An example is this page's title, PascalCase.

Sometimes called "UpperCamelCase", or "DromedaryCase".

Distinguished from CamelCase by the restriction that the first letter must be upper case. ("camelCase" isn't PascalCase, but "PascalCase" is.)

WikiCase is more restrictive than PascalCase: WikiCase does not allow 1-letter words, but PascalCase does. ("ReadARecord" is PascalCase but not WikiCase.)

I don't know, guys -- all the shops I've worked at in the last 25 years or so call it Camel Case when talking about having the leading character uppercase. Is this Big Endian and Little Endian all over again? Does it matter?
In 30 years I never heard it called "PascalCase" before, and I can't see that it truly had anything to do with Pascal. Is this merely what it's called in the Microsoft world?

See InAllMyYearsIveNever
Considering Microsoft's C# standard is PascalCase, that's what most of the Microsoft guys will call it. Besides, "upper CamelCase" is dumb. We already have PascalCase and CamelCase, one for classes and methods, and one for variables.

Do you really think "upper CamelCase" is dumb, exactly? I think it's clear.

Well, clear until one considers what an upper Camel is.
History around Pascal Casing and Camel Casing (from: Brad Abrams - )

In the initial design of the Framework we had hundreds of hours of debate about naming style. To facilitate these debates we coined a number of terms. With Anders Heilsberg (the original designer of Turbo Pascal) a key member of the design team, it is no wonder that we chose the term Pascal Casing for the casing style popularized by the Pascal programming language.

poster's note: I remember when "Pascal" was "new", UCSD Pascal the "std" Pascal (especially for Apple II computers) and p-code was a "machine/OS independent" "standard" and a "salvation" over that BASIC stuff from Microsoft ...

what goes around ... comes around ... (there perhaps are no new ideas ... just new packaging)
See: CapitalizationRules

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