Pat Callahan

Programmer - I program in whatever language is available - exclusively.

Favorite haunts:

        the garden #mklinux,#python


5/26/2001 - I came up with the idea of OpenWizardAssistants in response to an article TheDumbingDownOfProgramming by EllenUllman

5/24/2001 - Wireless Internet Enabled Smoke Detectors - optional USB connections Uses IP-V6 (there might be a LOT of these things. Each unit has the capability of contacting your fire department's or security monitoring services' web site to register. There are several ways of establishing the address: satelite location via built in or detachable plug in geolocation units, Automatic detection from a roaming mobile unit similar to the meter reading equipment used by Gas and Electric Utilities, or manual registration of the unit. Once the geographic location is established, the unit can be activated locally or remotely and it will then contact the local juristiction's fire department to register its presence. Periodically, the unit will be remotely tested for operational readiness.

8/11/1999 - Auto-Net. Infra-red or 802.11 stations in automobiles connected to accelerometers. The network of cars on a road is formed and re-formed as needed based on the distances between available stations. A car 3/4 mile in front of you hits the brakes hard, and your dash or heads up display on the windshield lights up with warnings of trouble ahead. As more networked cars hit the brakes the warnings become more insistent. Needs lots of processing power to distinguish stations on adjacent roads from stations on your road. Would need study of the behavior of drivers when given warnings of trouble ahead. Needs a way to prevent the comm signal from being used by the authorities to measure your speed directly without the use of radar. On second thought, maybe that should be a feature. I'm sick of lines of SUV's blasting by me at 75! This will take some work to develop... Anyone with money want to play?


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