Pattern Community

It seems to me that there is a community here that has developed around the notion of patterns. Indeed, this particular WikiWikiWeb serves in no small part in fostering that community.

In keeping with the larger hacker community that builds up around the Jargon file (or that it reflects), I've suggested that the editors take a look at the Patterns-discussion FAQ, the Patterns home page, and this forum to get ideas for terms they may want to add to the Jargon file.

Perhaps others would like to contribute by offering terms and their definitions. Some to consider might be GangOfFour, RuleOfThree, AntiPattern, or any of the other many terms defined here (or elsewhere in the PatternCommunity) that can be found in common usage among PatternAfficianados?. Send your terms and their definitions to and maybe we'll be able to spread the good word and help build the PatternCommunity at the same time.

-- BruceAtherton
Q: I am a junior developer who has just seen the light on design patterns, can you suggest any suitable pattern community discussion sites where I can ask questions and consume large quantities of pattern-oriented Kool-aid?

A: See
I am a little surprised to see the "Design Patterns Aren't" ( presentation listed in the list above... the presentation seems to be a series of misconceptions about design patterns with an undercurrent of counter-advocacy against C++ and java. Is it offered as an example or as a warning?
What is with the apparent lack of online pattern communities on the web? My searches yield not only no active online groups, but apparently a load of defunct in-person meeting groups. Is there something about patterns that seems to preclude having an online community, or are they just eluding me? I understand I am in a pattern community right now, but I am reluctant to abuse this space as a newbie's trial and error discussion board.

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