Paul Erdos

A very famous mathematician. (1913-1996)

TheManWhoLovedOnlyNumbers (ISBN 0786884061 ) is a book about this guy. He has the ErdosNumber 0.
Végre nem butulok tovább (Finally I am becoming stupider no more) -- Paul Erdős

The correct spelling of his name requires u0151 'ő', that is, o with two acute accents, a glyph which, to my knowledge, occurs only in Hungarian. This is not the same as an o with umlaut 'ö'. Therefore, rendering his surname as 'Erdoes' is wrong, even though spelling 'ö' as 'oe' in the absence of umlauts is correct (see KurtGoedel for instance).

You can see the letter, and all of its friends in the ISO 8859-2 Character Set:

A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems - this is usually attributed to Erdős but Hungarians attribute it to Alfred Renyi.
He often made referrences to "the Supreme Facist", or the SF---God or someone like Him.

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