Poly Amory

CollectiveLove == PolyAmory? Most pages come out of interactions between less than five minds, often only one or two. We're quite promiscuous here - you seldom see two correspondents partner up and produce content without including others, or a pair who only correspond with each other. If wiki is a kind of CollectiveLove, perhaps it's an outlet for the natural polygamy of men. After all, with a couple of outstanding exceptions, we are an all-boy crew here on the good ship wiki. Perhaps the polyamorous aspect of wiki explains why GirlsDontWiki.

Be careful in claiming that women aren't polygamous. You could be unexpectedly surprised... ;-)

I knew a married couple who practiced this. In my confused youth, I didn't see the point of dating while you were married. It was a time when I saw dating as a tedious, impossible chore, and I thought the whole point of marriage was that you didn't have to go through that anymore. They probably had a better attitude about it, and needed a better reason to give up such a fun activity.

On the other hand, I like Wiki, but PolyAmory failed miserably for me. (cont'd below)

(editor's note: note that FirstPerson comments herein are anonymous. FirstPerson comments reflect the filters and experiences of the author only. If you ask ten poly people for their definition of the word, you'll get twelve definitions. Each experience is unique, as are relationships in general. We now return you to the FirstPerson commentary...)

After six month of trying PolyAmory in Seattle, I came to the conclusion that it's just a bunch of people who are trying to find enough good pieces in many people to make up one person who's good enough for them.

Then there are other people who just like to have six backup plans if one of their 'Sweeties' leave them.

Polyamory is certainly not for everyone, but I'm fairly happy with it, and have been for about 3 years, now. The most important thing to remember is communication. If you don't communicate regularly with all the people you're involved with, then it'll probably fall apart. If there's a problem, then tell your partners about it. If you don't, then there's no hope of fixing it...

Sounds just like the rest of life. I am currently in a monogamous relationship, but agree that polyamory is 90+ percent about the communication. Monogamy works best for me when I at least feel completely free to talk about what goes on with me (especially with my partner and with others I'm attracted to). Most polyamorists don't think there's anything particularly wrong with monogamy, as long as there's clarity -- and on-going communication, as perfect clarity is impossible (it's not as simple as the physical).

Note: see also http://www.polyamorous.us


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