Purpose Of This Wiki

An open invitation to everyone to give their opinion of what this wiki should be. {JuneZeroFive}

This wiki is a repository of ideas, opinions, philosophies, and anecdotes about software development techniques. It is the best place to get multiple opinions and viewpoints about ideas and approaches, even if it takes a little digging around to find it. Even if it doesn't give you (direct) answers, it may inspire questions that help you think deeper or that you can research in other places. --top

WardsWiki should be exactly what it is -- a repository and reflection (in all meanings of the word "reflection") of computing practice and culture. It is more than just software development ideas, opinions and anecdotes. This is demonstrated by the existence of categories like CategoryEasternThought, pages like TravellingWaveTube and even "controversial" ones like PinkFloyd, which have nothing to do with software development but remain because they are generally reflective of the interests and culture of the people who interact with WardsWiki. Clearly, there will be a "leading edge" of OffTopic-to-some and OnTopic-to-others topics that fall on the boundaries of computing culture, but over time these will either be culled or included as the WikiZens see fit. -- DaveVoorhis

CategoryWikiConcept In addition, I like to highlight these for consideration Miss out a lot here but adding them is getting in the way of simplicity, PeopleProjectsAndPatterns says it best and in the best order -- DavidLiu


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