Python Optimization

Optimization in PythonLanguage is interesting, because it's a DynamicLanguage, so development is very fast but runtime performance is not so fast and optimizations are not obvious. In short, it supports Code First, OptimizeLater very well.

Python Patterns - An Optimization Anecdote by GuidoVanRossum

There is a paper somewhere on an optimization methodology of 'write everything in Python, then rewrite the critical bits in C' (AlternateHardAndSoftLayers), but I don't have a link.

Pyrex, IronPython, PsycoPython, BoostPythonLibrary, and of course simple embedded CeeLanguage or JavaLanguage (are you using cPython or JythonLanguage?).

Odd that I see pages "PythonOptimization" and "FasterJava", but not one on C++ optimization.

Ah well, I'll put this here and let some overworked WikiGnome create FasterCpp? (or else move it to some more appropriate page that I've overlooked). Condescending, aren't we?

"C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques" by Pete Isensee, Xbox programmer at Microsoft


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