Remote User Interface

"When you develop a GraphicalUserInterface for your application, you are faced with two conflicting forces:

"Rui balances these forces: develop a desktop application in JavaSwt or Perl Rui, and deploy to the web using Rui. Developers develop using a rich UserInterface FrameWork such as SWT or Perl Rui , and deploy to WebBrowsers with no ActiveX, plugins, or Java on the client.

"Users get a rich and thin UI, with minimal loss of fidelity. Developers are freed from working with DHTML, JavaScript, and clunky web application frameworks."

This is in a Web browser:

This light GuiToolkit - written & tested in PerlLanguage, JavaLanguage & JavaScript by RanEliam? and hosted at - is a magnificent example of these solutions:

A product that stretches languages' abilities so far (Perl to serve Web pages, JavaScript to paint widgets, etc.) is often too fragile. But tests keep this product robust.

The only downside is the product requires InternetExplorer 6. But remember - in theory, to port to another browser, one need only get the JavaScript tests to pass.


See also: RemoteGuiProtocols

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