Science Fiction Books To Consider

Some of the GreatBooksLists recommend specific ScienceFiction books: Here's a list of some great ScienceFiction books, alphabetically by author:
Discussion of these books

SamuelDelany, Dhalgren

"The best book I've ever read," according to one Wikizen.

The weirdest book I've never finished. I know lots of people who started this thing and never completed it, even after making two or three attempts. -- MartySchrader
MarvinMinsky and Harry Harrison: The Turing Option

On a vacation, I loaned this book to my brother at 10:00 PM. When I got up at 7:00 AM, he was still reading it -- he hadn't realized that the sun had already come up. He finished it at about 8:30, and went to bed...

I have this on my shelf of "Bad science fiction to loan to people to show how bad it can be." Actually that's not really fair. It's bad writing, but it might be good science fiction.
Also take a look at the BookShelved wiki.
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