Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams (with occasional guest appearances by Shirtguy Tom)

"Did you ever wonder what would happen if a computer nerd, his demon-summoning best-friend, the world's unluckiest college co-ed, a ferret on a sugar-high, a form-changing alien and an absolutely evil mini-lop got together in an online comic?"

You'll probably want to start here:

A grown man punting a kitten who was looking the other way... It was the bravest thing I've ever seen. -- Torg

Sluggy Freelance is amazing. Pete Abrams only distributes the comic via; no newspapers, nothing. He is almost making enough revenue from the site to quit his normal existence. (or maybe he has by now) I bought a Bunbun hat! -- SunirShah

I got ripped off when buying a Zoe t-shirt. I often wish SluggyFreelance would use less crazy storylines and glitz and more sneaky tricks like CalvinAndHobbes. -- OriFolger?

SF also supports a growing community of rabid fans with nothing better to do with their time than drool over "canon" (see IfYouDontLikeItDontClickOnIt), and produce insipid fan-art like this:

Sluggy achieves what many elements of our society only approach - an absolute moral vacuum. -- PhlIp

"Time to die, Bun Bun!" -- Rat (in 1992, BTW) (The rabbit wins in the end, natch...)

Check out for my favourite time-travel sequence ever!


-- paolo

Slugginess is next to Godliness? ;-)

Sluggy Haiku (sans seasonal weather references):

 A tender moment 
 A boy and his mini-lop 
 Time to die, nerd boy! 


Visitors take heed There is one thing to be learned Don't touch the bunny


Telemarketers A rabbit answers the phone Death will come swiftly

-- GarthWallace?


Web comics there are numerous, seriously try googling "ctrl-alt-del"

(googling = 2)

Of particular interest to SoftwareEngineers is Pete Abrams's relationship to his CustomerTeam. As an early WebComic?, Sluggy has several forums and mailing lists teeming and teaming with fan-boys and -girls.

Like most of UseNet, their links to reality are tenuous at best. Because one of Sluggy's best loved characters is an evil bunny with a switch-blade, they tend to start screaming in protest each time Abrams dares to run a strip lacking a quorum of the beloved main characters.

A healthy project would employ a CustomerLiaison? or OnsiteCustomer to sort these things out. But because Pete himself participates in these online discussions - both his duty and his daily 'net habit - he gets a very skewed version of PetitionTheKing?.

Two of his story lines, Punyverse and Oceans Unmoving, were miniature epics, and the products of an artist in his prime. And Pete has found himself publicly apologizing for these majestic stories.

The lesson for Pete is obvious - if someone could scream it loud enough at him over the din of the asylum. The lesson for programmers is that GroupThink among the EndUsers is not the same thing as an OnsiteCustomer who speaks with one (sane) voice!


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