Smug Smalltalk Weenie

Let's see, what are some of the SmallTalk-isms out there (Improvements at

The website has a section called "Quotes on Smalltalk". It contains eight quotes, some from various notables (and a few anonymous ones). TWO of the quotes are about Smalltalk. FOUR of them are slams on CeeCeePlusPlus (including the "nailing ExtraLegsOntoAdog to make an octopus" crack). One is a quote from LinusTorvalds that has nothing to do with ProgrammingLanguages (but which appears to be an observation that the best technology doesn't always win... implying guess what?) The final is an out-of-context quote from BjarneStroustrup.

I like SmalltalkLanguage. It's a cool language. But it's in a tight race with LispLanguage as to which language has the smugger weenies. -- ScottJohnson

OK, let's have a list of the SmugSmalltalkWeenies here on WardsWiki. (Please only put yourself down on the list; it might be considered rude to write someone else's name here.)

SmugSmalltalkWeenies who get paid (including occasional work) to use Smalltalk:

SmugSmalltalkWeenies who use Smalltalk in their spare time, but whose job involves a LesserProgrammingLanguage:

Folks who want to become SmugSmalltalkWeenies, but haven't learned the language (or are mere beginners):

Folks who don't give a hoot about Smalltalk (AntiSmugSmalltalkWeenie?s):

I visited . Bravo for them, to have implemented a portal server in smalltalk! There's mud in yer eye, for everyone who says it isn't a serious commercial language! -- PaulMurray

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