Stephen Humphrey

Wiki, for me, has been a major AhHa experience.

I was addicted to Wiki immediately upon discovering it in August 2000, but amazed that it took me so long to find it. I'm a long-time software engineer, currently acting as Director of Streaming Applications at SorensonMedia.

I started coding in 1977 by writing printer-drivers for RadioShack TRS-80 Model I computers. I also spent a bunch of time on timeshared machines running PDP-11, MVS, and similar abominations, but microcomputers were my first and on-going love.

I've worked at a lot of great companies (including WordPerfect, NovellCorporation, AppleComputer, and SorensonMedia), in really great places (LosAngeles, Utah, and Munich), and on great technologies (OpenDoc, CyberDog, QuickTime, among many others). I've also occasionally flirted with being useful in a handful of InternetEngineeringTaskForce (IETF) WorkingGroup?s. I prefer to work for places that strive to and believe they are improving humanity.
I knew Wiki was going to get deep into my blood when, at least once a day for several months after discovering WardsWiki, I came up with another great topic around which I would like to start one of my own Wikis. I've installed TwikiClone, but haven't moved much farther than playing around yet. I'm impressed with RandyKramer's work in compiling a WikiEngineReview. I'll add my comments to it soon.

My most passionate current project is developing adaptive therapy software for children with autism and other PervasiveDevelopmentalDisorders. This is still a hobby for me until I get farther along with my project.

More info about me can be found at or I can be reached at mailto://

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