Steve Schafer

I am a freelance software developer, using mostly DelphiLanguage, with a bit of Java here and there. I also dabble in various aspects of FunctionalProgramming. (I've even implemented LazyEvaluation in a parser written in DelphiLanguage--I was amazed at how much it simplified the task of parsing.) I serve as Chief Technology Officer for Fenestra Technologies Corporation (, a software development firm located just outside the beltway in Germantown, Maryland, USA.

I recently moved to Ohio (, after living in Oklahoma ( for eleven years.

I used to be a physics professor at Oklahoma State University (, but I eventually decided that the academic life was not for me. I now work at home. This gives me the decided advantage of not having to wear clothes while I work. This is especially beneficial during the summer. While I work at home, I sit in an AeronChair.

I am interested in all aspects of software development, from methodologies (e.g., ExtremeProgramming) to SoftwareConfigurationManagement to ProgrammingLanguages. I still haven't found the time to sit down and learn Smalltalk.

My wife is a professor at Ohio University (, where she studies nervous system development and physiology in Caenorhabditis elegans (, a common nematode that lives in the soil. It's used as a model organism to study basic physiological processes that are too complicated to study in more complex organisms.

When we're not working (which doesn't add up to much), we're usually birding (

You can reach me at


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