Suse Linux

SuseTheCompany? (really SuSE) started with sending out 40-floppy-sets of SlackwareLinux. Soon they made modifications to it and by that based their first own LinuxDistribution on Slackware. Later they switched to the lesser known Jurix distribution by Florian LaRoche as base for their distribution, before creating one totally on their own.

Even though they use RPM packages nowadays, their distribution is not based on RedHatLinux.

The best selling LinuxDistribution in Europe. German based. Comes with a whopping 6 CDs of software. Usually close to the edge but well controlled. -- sg

This is my favorite Linux distribution. It comes with loads of software and is very easy to install. Moreover, it advises you to "Have fun!" every time you log on. -- StephanHouben

By far the easiest distribution that I have tried. I prefer it to JAMD, RedHatLinux, MandrakeLinux and DebianLinux (I'm going to try SlackwareLinux soon) -- Adam Bagnall

My favorite distribution too, but all releases have their peculiarities that require your attention! -- Chris de Boer


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