Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (or Tai Ji Quan in Pin-Yin)

Tai chi is a way to become Agile (HumanAgility?).

It is about learning to move gently, and responding quickly and effortlessly to changes in the environment.




http://web.singnet.com.sg/~limttk/index.htm (The history of the art and many articles)

http://www.huatuo-israel.com/ (Tai Chi in the Israeli branch of Hua Tuo Center, the site is in Hebrew)

http://www.taichiblog.com/ (A personal Tai Chi Chuan blog, offers some tai chi practice knowledge and experience.)

http://wiki.taijiquan.info/ (Dokuwiki about TaiChi, the site is in Spanish)

"Tai Chi is an Art of body motion. It is combined with variation of circles, speed and energy follow."

As a mathematician, physicist and public communicator, I go along much better with many forms of alternative therapy and Eastern philosophy having explicitly realized that the term "energy" is being used in a specific sense that is unrelated to the way I had been using it for 30 years. Every time you hear "energy", substitute "blogahboo" and it is easier to take seriously.

Tai Chi is not about [conventional] energy; it is about what the Chinese call "Chi". It is something else, hard to define - in fact, "Chi" has too many definitions... Another way to look at Tai Chi is as a martial art. It is much more than a way to fight, it a way to "handle" life (TaichiFightIsCalledTuiso). In relation to this, Tai Chi is a way to practice WuWei. -- OriInbar

Many years ago, I became interested in Tai Chi Chaun, and I studied it via videos and books. Eventually, I bought a book. It is an interesting art, and has many different styles. I still practice my own personal version of Tai Chi. To me, Chi is an easy idea to understand. Chi is mainly about the free flow of all energy in the body without restriction. One works to remove restriction wherever one finds it, so that Chi can once again be achieved.

I think that practicing Tai Chi is a lot about relaxing the body and, enabling free flow of "things", one can be blood, other can be Chi). In relation to that, Tai Chi is a ChiKong (or Qi Gong). An interesting definition I heard about Chi is that it is information. So according to this opinion, ChineseMedicine? is dealing with BioInformatics... -- OriInbar


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